World Insurance Report 2015

World Insurance Report 2015 from Capgemini and Efma finds less than 30% of insurance customers globally are having positive experiences.

Key Findings

Featuring data from over 15,500 customers worldwide and 165 insurance executive surveys, the World Insurance Report 2015 from Capgemini and Efma analyzes the advent of several major disruptors coupled with an alarming drop in positive customer experiences and suggests insurers need to take a hard look at preparing for the future.

Key findings include:

  • Improved underwriting ratios. Fewer natural disasters combined with premium rate revision led to a drop in claims expenses and boosted profits for non-life insurers in 2013.
  • Declining customer experience fuelled by Gen Y’s high digital expectations. Less than 30% of customers globally are enjoying positive customer experiences, representing nearly a 4% decline over 2013. Customers are raising the bar in what they expect from their insurers, especially Gen Y customers aged 18-34, who have never experienced adult life without technology such as the internet and smart devices.
  • The need to blend traditional and digital channels for a seamless All Channel Experience. Insurers must combine the traditional agent channel with emerging digital channels to create the best of both worlds for customers.
  • The impact of emerging disruptors on the insurance industry. 78% of interviewed executives cited big data analytics as the disruptive force that will have the biggest impact on the insurance industry The industry faces a flood of market disruptors that have the potential to challenge and undermine businesses unless insurers are prepared for them.
  • The need to improve customer centricity. Insurers globally are scoring lowest on core capabilities related to customer interactions. Capgemini’s Insurance Capability Maturity Model identifies leading practices to become market leaders.

The World Insurance Report Interactive Website

View the interactive website to explore the experiences and preferences of insurance customers. The World Insurance Report website at features dynamic graphs to explore financial performance, customer experience, disruptors and the maturity of insurance organizations.


Improving customer engagement

Combining marketplace challenges with low scores on capability maturity models creates a call to action for insurers to create better customer experiences that fully leverage big data analytics, blend traditional and digital channel touchpoints fluidly, and improve customer engagement to meet rising customer expectations, manage marketplace disruptors, and become market leaders.

  • Integrate across channels to enable customers to shift seamlessly between them and more easily manage an ever-changing set of customer interfaces and touch points. Discover Capgemini’s All Channel Experience offering for insurance.
  • Discover the challenges and benefits of harnessing big data to extend your relationship with the customer beyond enlisting to throughout the policy lifecycle

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