eGov: Digital by Default or by Detour?

User? What User? Why Governments Must Become Citizen Centric

So many people are internet savvy, yet large numbers of citizens don’t use eGovernment services. The eGovernment Benchmark study recommends that public agencies should apply stronger focus on customer-centric services and exploit new technologies.

eGovernment is on its Way… But Not Quite Here Yet

Forty-six percent of Europe's internet population uses online public services. This is one of the findings of the 'eGovernment Benchmark 2012' study revealed in the recently published EC Insight Report. It is based on a survey of 28,000 citizens targeting the internet population of 32 countries.

The Insight Report also assesses eGov's role in three high-impact events in citizens' lives and the availability of key IT building blocks in these life events:

  • Business start-up & early operations
  • Losing & finding a job
  • Studying

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Losing and Finding a Job: Insights from the 2012 eGovernment Benchmark

Key Findings: Citizens Prefer Banks to Government

The eGov Benchmark study highlights the significant cost savings that can accrue by moving as many users as possible to digital channels. However, it also points out that satisfaction with eGovernment services lags that of eCommerce service, such as eBanking.

The three key findings are:

  • The shift in eGovernment thinking towards designing services around user needs is not yet fully embraced in Europe
  • Governments are not fully reaping the possible benefits of eGovernment
  • Transformation is needed to realize a new generation of eGovernment services

2012 eGovernment Benchmark: Assessing eGovernment performance in Europe

Benefits of eGov are Not Being Fully Realized

There is a determination to change, but a number of obstacles stand in the way of full European digital inclusion.

Transformation is required to achieve a new ‘outside-in’ model driven by the needs of the customer, not the provider. Government can improve when exploiting technologies to make online public services cheaper, better and faster. What’s required is customer-centric service design with increased use of social media, open data and building blocks that all public service providers can use to collaborate and genuinely transform outcomes.

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