Cybersecurity Consulting and Audit

Social, mobility, analytics, cloud & Internet of Things (SMACT) technologies make today’s digital enterprise increasingly vulnerable. Mitigating the threat of cyber attack is a strategic priority. Understand and manage your risk with our cybersecurity strategic and operational consulting, audit services.

Make Cybersecurity a Business Enabler in the Digital Enterprise

With the growth in cyber attacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector millions every year, cybersecurity is now high on the strategic agenda. Business leaders in both strategic and operational roles must answer vital questions: 
  • How do you know if your business is resilient enough? 
  • Are you compliant with privacy and security regulations and corporate policy? 
  • Is it possible to combine digital transformation with acceptable risks?
  • How secure are your website, apps, data centers and data?
  • How to transform your current practices to manage increasing threats?
By putting in place proper cybersecurity assessments and audits, your organization can define the right strategy and transformation program to protect your sensitive data and assets.

Insight and Strategy for Effective Cybersecurity

The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organization with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Our cybersecurity consulting services give you vital insight into your security position with assessments, diagnosis and audits of your data protection, critical infrastructure and SMACT technologies. We work with you to define and then implement the right strategy, target operating model and GRC structure to ensure your security design and operations support your strategic objectives and business continuity. By planning ahead with a cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation journey, you will be in a more confident position to stay compliant and achieve cost savings.


Proven global expertise helps you transform securely

We have long-held and deep experience in cybersecurity transformation across financial services, utilities, manufacturing, government, and other sectors. Our consultants build a complete picture of your cybersecurity status and provide a clear vision of how to improve it. We partner with leading security vendors.
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