Virtual Company

How can enterprises set up back office functions securely and quickly to support innovation as if in a start-up environment? By bringing all the services, processes, software and infrastructure you need into one package to create a 'virtual company'.

Innovation Without Letting Go

Corporate entities are at a crossroads when it comes to innovation: they need to provide enterprise innovators with an agile, almost start up-like environment but ensure that house rules such as those regarding governance and compliance are followed. With the tremendous pressures of a changing world economy, enterprises are struggling to make the leap from idea generation to idea realization.

A Back Office that Can Be Switched On (Or Off)

Our Virtual Company solution, in partnership with NetSuite, let’s you turn innovation into action. Pre-packaged and ready-to-go when your new business unit needs it, we provide everything: from the people and process through to the supporting technology. The platform also provides in-built governance, risk and compliance services so that you maintain the right levels of control without compromizing on innovation.
Now you can create a start-up environment in comfort without taking any focus away from your core business.

Capgemini BPO Virtual Company Solution

Expect More from BPO

With 23 delivery centers worldwide and serving more than 180 clients, we understand the most critical challenges in business today and we know how to help enterprises drive innovation. The Virtual Company’s pre-configured back office in the Cloud draws upon our Global Enterprise Model, the wealth of our experience and our IP, including our extensive Global Delivery Network as well as the Global Process Model.


Andrzej Hutniczak, Head of of Product and Deal Structuring, Capgemini BPO.

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